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Adam@ 5:03pm 12-15-2008
Could you make a Winter picture collection with hair used as a scarf . Thank you!
Replied on: 8:36pm 12-18-2008

Thank you for the idea.

Joel N.@ 3:44pm 12-14-2008
Keep up the good work. Thanks.
Replied on: 8:36pm 12-18-2008

Thank you!I will.

Robert@ 3:42pm 12-14-2008
Hi I am wanting to know aprocimatly how long your hair has grown since you started this web site? Thank you so much.
Pat@ 3:36pm 12-14-2008
Hello Yoyo happy holidays. I was just wundering if you think no one should ever cut there hair? Like you and thanks for sharing .
Replied on: 8:33pm 12-18-2008

Thank you, too.

Rob@ 12:42pm 12-05-2008
Hi Yoyo! I just wanted to thank you for bringing enjoyment to millions with your beauty and long hair. I am so thrilled to hear that you were talked down from the cutting ledge. WOW!!
Replied on: 8:27pm 12-18-2008

Hi, Rob, I am glad that many people like my hair. I wish every one, every family have nice holidays, and myself can creat new, beatiful, fancy works in next year.

cierra@ 7:31am 11-29-2008
Replied on: 8:23pm 12-18-2008

Hi, Cierra, No sevret, be patient and healthy.

Chris C@ 5:23am 11-21-2008
Hey Yoyo dear, just stopping by to show love to your website!
Enjoy your day x x x
Replied on: 8:22pm 12-18-2008

Thank you, Chris, wish you like all my products!
Happy Holidays!

Captain Air Jamaica@ 9:38pm 11-19-2008
HI,YOYO. Can i touch your hair please? IT IS BEAUTIFUL! DON'T CUT IT OR ELSE I WILL CUT MY TROAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Replied on: 8:20pm 12-18-2008

Tnak you, Captain, ^-^ I keep my long hair, you keep your throat intact. But no comments on "woman's sevret."
Happy Holidays!

gigisetyo@ 5:08am 11-16-2008
hi yoyo...i hope if you place your text ( don't in your foto or hair.Becouse i can't enjoy it.I am very like your and very lose.
In indonesia i have a freind with very longhair like you...but my friend is hostest (pretywomen). She like doing harijob me (sory,becouse that is my hobby).
And i hope in this site you will send bun styles,i am very like huge bun.
Regard : gigisetyo
Replied on: 8:17pm 12-18-2008

Dear Gigisetyo: Iam sorry for the watermark on my photos, which really to protect my copyright. I have album of bun style, only the original image charges some fee has no watermarks.
Happy Holidays!

sarah@ 3:46pm 11-12-2008
hi yoyo please can u tell me the secret of growing your hair?
Replied on: 8:12pm 12-18-2008

Dear Sarah: There actually no secret, just like "kungfu Panda", no secret, just youself. Be patient and keep youself healthy.

hendra liem@ 9:23am 11-04-2008
hi, iam hendra liem, i interest to know your models long hair,if possible you send to me the address detail your models ?please tell me how the procedure about my request ok? thanks for you attention Regard: hendra liem
Replied on: 8:10pm 12-18-2008

Hi,Hendra, I am the only model here, my e-mail is:
Thank you!

ANBU@ 1:01am 11-01-2008
Hi...this is me again!i like your hair!can you make video for your fans with free download?thank's
Replied on: 8:08pm 12-18-2008

Hi, Anbu, I am thinking about setting up download site,but I am not sure the quality because the file is very big. But I will try. Thank you!

Cute@ 4:39am 10-25-2008
Dear Yo Yo.
When do you intend to sell your DVDs?
We long for the day when you sell DVD.
Please please grant our wish as soon as possible.
Replied on: 8:07pm 12-18-2008

Thank you,Cute, finally, 2 new DVDs have been released before this christmas. Wish always comes true if we are patient.^-^.
Happy Holidays!

ANBU@ 6:24am 10-23-2008
Very beautiful hair!don't cut it!
Replied on: 8:04pm 12-18-2008

Thank you! Iwon't, just trim.

coolman@ 12:46pm 10-09-2008
Hello again, I was wondering why you trimmed your hair in the latest batch of pics and you said you havent cut your hair for 15 years, so you started growing your hair at 5 years of age. With your silky long hair and smooth shiny skin you will always look infinatly younger because you don't look a day over 20.

P.S. could you put some sexy pics in your next batch
Replied on: 8:04pm 12-18-2008

Another question of age? Every woman like to keep youth foever, I am no one else.^-^ Thank you so much.
Happy Holidays!

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