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Red Innocence@ 2:11am 02-19-2009
Great site, gorgeous hair! I envy you But I am also proud of my hair, it is not as long as yours, but with a special natural color. Want to see some photos? Go to and search photographer "emmentaler" -- he is my personal photographer and has published some of my best pictures there. Best wishes by your "longhair sister"
Replied on: 12:02am 03-16-2009

I visit the website, pretty!

Ryota@ 5:32am 01-31-2009
The flexible black hair like being silk. And a long hair which is long and beams is more wonderful than the height! I have not seen beautiful black hair like you.
Long Hair Station Ⅱ
Replied on: 11:59pm 03-15-2009

Thank you,long hair alway makes woman beautiful than ever.

Angela@ 10:24am 01-10-2009
Great site, beautiful hair !!!
Replied on: 11:57pm 03-15-2009

Thank you!

Rob J.@ 1:25pm 01-05-2009
Sorry to bother you but I am interested in, when you trim your hair every month do you cut off all of the hair that grew in that month so it dosent grow any longer or are you always keeping a little bit of hair that grew that month. Because I hope you just trim to keep it well taken care of.

P.S. I would love to run my fingers through your hair.
Replied on: 11:57pm 03-15-2009

Thank you!
I don't cut it off, only trim it.

YoYo@ 10:29am 12-31-2008
Happy New Year To Everyone!
donecia@ 11:48am 12-30-2008
i had looked at your measurment page and i cannot beleive
your hair has grown so much and so quickly. its very
Ric@ 4:31pm 12-26-2008
Happy Holidays Yo. The best website and the most beautiful hair ever. Keep growing in 2009 xxx
Chris C@ 8:05am 12-23-2008
chris c@ 7:36am 12-23-2008
Thanks for your reply Yoyo I had a look at your measurement page and I cannot believe your hair has grown so much and so quickly. Out of interest, do you attend the long hair festival in Shandong?. I'll go there next year with my girlfriend (she also wants to grow super long hair) to meet some of my friends with floorlength hair. One of them, Wan Feng has hair over 3 meters. I'm also hoping it'll be the perfect opportunity to gather research and take photos to create a long hair book. It'll have photos, artwork, poetry, interviews, so many things. Yoyo, I think you are an inspiration to any lady wishing to grow, keep and cherish long hair!, keep up the good work x x x
mohamed@ 1:21am 12-21-2008
i love see u videos please yoyo help me
mohamed@ 1:21am 12-21-2008
i love see u videos please yoyo help me
mohamed@ 1:18am 12-21-2008
i want have e.mail in thes site
Charlie@ 12:56pm 12-17-2008
Dear Yoyo
If I were your dog, your lovely baby, I could see you every day. So in my second life - if any - I want to be at least your dog, O.K.? Don't ever cut you amazing hair, please. I wish you a merry Christmas and a very happy, healthy and hairy New year!
Love & kisses from Charlie (the Netherlands)
Replied on: 8:43pm 12-18-2008

My God, Charles, if there is second life, I am not sure if I still have beautiful hair of even I would stll be a woman.^-^ But thank you so much.
You have nice holidays too.

Jenny@ 5:06pm 12-15-2008
I am so jealus
Replied on: 8:39pm 12-18-2008


Jack@ 5:05pm 12-15-2008
What do most people say when they see your hair?
Replied on: 8:38pm 12-18-2008

So amazing that they are inble to say one word.^-^
Happy Holidays!

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