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dev@ 11:04pm 04-18-2009
Love Yoyo
I've ever contacted you before but no replied.And I still waiting for ur true heart.I'm a divorcee man.What happened in my previous life,only God know.I never blamed to any,it's just my bad fate and my bad luck only.Now waiting for someone who can shine up a new hopes of true love.I born and live in Thailand.Inform me whenever you visit Thailand,I'll be your guider all aroun Thailand.

Replied on: 11:52am 05-19-2009

Thank you for alll you aid. I truly wish you happy and good luck!

nick@ 11:11am 04-14-2009
hi yoyo, i m nick from africa, in africa not posible to see long hair, and i love so much to visit your website, can you tell me how can i be a member of your website? because i want to see your full videos,and i want to say that your new update Washing, i am not able to access to see your photo gallery, so, i am requesting to you that please, reply me, i am waiting for your reply, always, love you, nick
Replied on: 10:59pm 04-18-2009

Thank you. you can go to the page of "membership", then click the icon of payment, which connect to paypal, you can pay with paypal or credic card.

Yoyo Fan@ 4:53am 04-14-2009
Hi Yoyo,

I want to marry you. I will take care you and your longhair. I will wash your hair in the bath room, make it dry, comb it and make a bun.
It will be a fun if I can wash your hair in the bathroom,put shampoo and conditioner and your hair smells so good.

I love you Yoyo.
Owand@ 8:03am 04-13-2009
Dear yoyo my dream'' hai yoyo rambutmu semakin panjang dan sangat cepat sampai berapa maksimal engkau akan memanjangkan rambut anda saya kira itu sudah cukup.
paul@ 5:07am 04-11-2009
Hi i would like be a member but i cant find how to please help thanks
Replied on: 10:57pm 04-18-2009

Thank you for the interesting. You can go to the page os "membership", then you will fine the icon of payment, click and go to paypal, you can subscribe monthly and cancel at any time.

HC Chong@ 4:58am 04-08-2009
Hi yoyo, I 'm Mr Chong emailing from Malaysia. I am very interest to view your great long hair photos and movie. How I can entering the movie for further information. Kindly give me the reply soonest. I love your long hair.
长发@ 7:41pm 04-07-2009
Replied on: 10:56pm 04-18-2009


jignesh@ 12:05am 04-05-2009
hi yoyo u are just great i don's have much words to say how beautiful your hair are so please accept my best wishes

Replied on: 10:55pm 04-18-2009

Thank you so much for the blessing.

Owand@ 8:16pm 03-29-2009
My dream woman yoyo best of the best long hair' karena rambutmu aku sekarang punya kekasih tapi rambutnya belum panjang baru sepantat dan kuberharap suatu saat bisa dan mau memanjangkan rambvnya seperti yoyo .
Engirish@ 8:10pm 03-24-2009
I must say you hair is amazing and so long I love that you have it long enough that it trails behind you. I'm an artist and I have a character I created a while ago she has hair as long as yours. I tend to do alot of long hair in , my art what do you think?
Longhairlover@ 8:49am 03-21-2009
Hi Yoyo, why was your answer 'secret'? Are you shy or something that I will date you? hehehe Have a good weekend
Replied on: 10:53pm 04-18-2009

You too, have a nice weekend!

llover@ 8:35am 03-21-2009
Hi Yoyo,

How many time do you wash your longhair per week? I would like to see your photo wearing hairband You are so lovely kisses
Replied on: 10:53pm 04-18-2009

^-^, twice a week, it take time.

Owan@ 4:02pm 03-20-2009
Yoyo my dream'! aku meliat rontokan rambutmu yang sangat banyak sampai menggunung apa yang kamu rencanakan ? apakah mau dijual atau dirapikan satu demi satu sehingga rapi .
fa8888@ 10:04am 03-19-2009
Replied on: 10:50pm 04-18-2009

The website has been fixed. But some pages only for membership. Thank you for the support!

fa8888@ 9:19am 03-19-2009
Replied on: 10:49pm 04-18-2009

Thank you!

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