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Bill@ 8:03pm 10-09-2009
I have been a member of your site for a couple of months now. As you must know, your hair is uniquely beautiful, since at that length all kinds of problems usually arise. Anyway, I hope you find someone who can help you with the burden of taking care of it on a daily basis. Other than your hair, I also want to complement you on your excellent English (I assume you still live in China) and wonder how you learned so well. And even if I do not visit your site as often perhaps as others, it is a comfort to me to know you are there. I thank you so much and I hope your life is happy and fulfilling, no matter what you choose to do in the future.
Replied on: 1:12pm 12-24-2009

Thank you so much for all the support. English lesson is mandatory in school, most chinese young people have to pass different level if they want to get job, so most of us must study hard.
Happy Holidays!

iman@ 8:27pm 09-29-2009
hi, sis. it's nice to see your site. it's remind me of years ago when my wife have long hair to. but it's now gone, since we lost our beloved daughter. we were very sad. like no hope to continue our life. my wife get sick, and her hair start to fall, and she had to cut it off, incase to stop it's fall. and now i often miss her longhair. I love it but i love my wife more then what. Thank's for letting us to learn how to start it again, and giving us new hope. we love longhair
Replied on: 1:09pm 12-24-2009

I am so sorry for you and your wife. Life is always unpredictable. But do not give up.
Happy Holidays!

adhin@ 12:58am 09-17-2009
would u please, send your foto to my email. i love your verry long hair.
Mays@ 8:02pm 09-13-2009
Hai yoyo i am not your member site but i want buy your vcd or dvd video how much $ your price i like your hair .tank please reply to me.
Replied on: 1:05pm 12-24-2009

The price for nonmember is $34.50/each.
Happy Holidays!

Darrell Young@ 2:18am 09-06-2009
Hello Yoyo,
You have a very interesting web site. I came across it by accident but I am glad I found it. My wife also has very long hair but perhaps only half your length. It is interesting how you take care of it and wash it and maintain it. Girls with very long hair are extremely special because it takes such great effort to maintain you hair. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to meet, fall in love with, and marry girls with very long hair are indeed the lucky ones. I will become a member of your website so that my wife and I can enjoy your long hair and learn from the wisdom you have gained to take care of it.
Best wishes always.
Darrell Young
Replied on: 1:03pm 12-24-2009

Thank you both, Derrell and your wife. That is true how hard to maintain my hair, even sometimes I have to suffer the weight, but I love and care about my hair so much!
Happy holidays to your family!

Jacob Urnosky@ 2:48am 09-02-2009
Yoyo, I love you as much as I love Dai YueQin. You're a Chinese Girl, right? You should have a profile on I love you my young, beautiful, long haired girl!
Replied on: 12:59pm 12-24-2009

^-^.May I keep tiny secret about myself?
Happy Holidays!

ali@ 6:29am 08-24-2009
Hi, thank you for opening yoyo picture password. I was very afraid açmassın bye.
Y'sman@ 11:23am 08-12-2009
Hi yoyo, I love your long beautiful hair!
And I love honghair on the face, it's so beautiful and exotic.
I want to see more and more your videos or photos your hair on the face shots.

I'm longing to see your next and new categoly of those performance.

Thank you.
Replied on: 12:57pm 12-24-2009

Thank you! I have been working hard.
Happy Holidays!

ali@ 11:18pm 08-11-2009
Hi yoyo, I have offended you, because they don 't open the encryption of images for him.
sandra casagrande@ 9:26am 08-07-2009
Hello Yoyo. Love your website, you are doing good. I have one, too, not so good. I am 70 years old and have been growing my hair since last October. Who says old people have to have short hair!! Anyway, you are an inspiration for me. I have just had a keratin treatment and I love my hair now. I have always wanted straight, smooth silky hair. I now have it. I almost 75% white now and I love that, too. Wondered what you do with your hair when you go to sleep at night. Do you wrap it or wear something on your head? I hope to get mine to my waist before I pass on.............thanks for sharing, Sandy
Replied on: 7:49pm 08-22-2009

Dear Sandy: Thank you! I don't wrap my hair because it is very uncomfortable if i wrap or bun it, I just spread my hair between bed and pillow, but always take me much time to smooth, comb in the morning. It is a "huge" work to maintain my hair. ^-^.

Nick@ 4:26am 08-05-2009
Hi YoYo,

I hope that you could make more long hair DVD's for sale. It would be great if you just would walk with your beautiful hair loose so that your hair drags behind you on the ground.

Your hair is very beautiful. I hope that you just let your hair grow even longer

All the best for you YoYo!
Jacob Urnosky@ 12:27am 07-29-2009
One more thing, You can also send photos with your email, too. This is something you can choose to do, my love.
Jacob Urnosky@ 11:31pm 07-28-2009
If you want to keep in touch, can you only email me at, please. It would my pleasure beautiful!
Jacob Urnosky@ 11:22pm 07-28-2009
Yoyo, I love you and your hair. When I see you, I wish I could touch your hair and kiss you. Although I can't do that now, keep in touch!
Jonney@ 3:59am 07-26-2009
Hi Yoyo, I am a big fan of very long silky healthy straight jet black hair and I found ur hair to satisfy for the descriptions mentioned. Ur hair looks awsome. I would like to chat with u on ur hair. Pls dont put me down. My email id is and my yahoo messenger id is jonney20032003.

Hope to catch u online soon.

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