Monder@ 2:53am 02-24-2014
ila@ 2:18am 02-11-2014
YoYo dear people he disturbed dog Do not worry so much life
Budi Pramono@ 7:06pm 12-19-2013
hai yoyo, ...who are you...where are you doing....1 am need join to you...thank..
mike@ 7:31am 12-11-2013
My Dearest Yo,
I am your long hair fun since 2008, i love your long hair very much.
HairAddiction@ 10:35pm 11-12-2013
Is she that poor to make money by cutting her hair?
I think she earned pretty much money through her website
Cut@ 12:50am 11-12-2013
I think YoYo has cut her hair to save her dog.
VNLONGHAIRS.COM@ 2:45pm 10-10-2013
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Anonymous@ 10:36am 09-17-2013
Feng Ye has not cut her hair. She recently did another photoshoot with ChinaLongHair. Dont know about Yoyo though.
juni rahman@ 8:01pm 09-10-2013
i like your hair and i want to have like that
HairAddiction@ 12:59am 07-20-2013
How do you know that?
Lundi Lidrt Jr.@ 9:15pm 07-19-2013
Feng Ye has cut her hair to her shoulders already. Awesome!
Alan Zarley@ 12:34pm 06-21-2013
Dear YoYo
longhairart@ 7:07pm 05-27-2013 long hair
Saicence@ 2:05am 05-27-2013
I see!
HairAddiction@ 8:09am 05-24-2013
In the link, there is information that her website ip is located in Columbus, US.
I think that's her location where she lives. But i'm not sure whether she really lives there or not.

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